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they never had a chance

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I want to live in Paris Hilton’s $325000 Dog Mansion </3

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dick had me like

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my life:

  • in the morning, i can’t wake up
  • in the night, i can’t sleep

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you’re telling me a chicken fried this rice?


Shower scene from the cancelled MTV series Hard Times of RJ Berger

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I’m going to need the following to happen:

Churches need to start paying taxes.

The us government needs to stop handing money over to the armed forces for shit they don’t need.

We should start killing off inmates after they’ve been in jail for 30 years and not treat them so great while they are in there. Keeping them alive for longer than that is just a waist. If we’re still not comfortable with them being with society after that time or that we don’t feel that they’ve learned their lessen just kill them they’re a waist of money to keep alive.

And about a million other things so Americans can go to university for next to nothing.

Well now the university of Pittsburgh is the most expensive public university in all of America